Princess Mononoke

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Princess Mononoke (もののけ姫 - Mononoke Hime) is a Japanese animated film by Miyazaki Hayao. It is set in medieval Japan.

Prince Ashitaka saves his village from a demon but is poisoned in the process. As the poison spreads, he has a short amount of time to find the origin of the demon in hopes of finding a cure for the poison before it kills him. His journey takes him to Irontown where there is a war between, on one side, the emperor's riflemen, samauri, and Lady Hiboshi's brothel girls, and on the other, a pack of wolves led by Princess Mononoke and a tribe of boars which hates the humans. The only person who can bring peace before all is destroyed is Ashitaka.

The film was massively successful in Japan and with both anime fans and "arthouse" moviegoers in English-speaking countries. In those countries, it was widely interpreted as a film about the environment, told in the form of Japanese mythology.


Direction, Original Story & Screenplay: Miyazaki Hayao
Music: Joe Hisaishi

Production: Studio Ghibli

Executive Producers: Ujiie Seiichiro & Narita Yutaka
Producer: Suzuki Toshio

Voice Actors

Miramax English Dub Voice Actors

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