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The beginning of paragraph two mentions "mysterious infectious agents" and then has these agents in the singular; visiting the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease revision history shows that this part did indeed refer specifically to the prions causing C-JD so I've clarified it as such here. --KQ

Isn't fatal familial insomnia genetic? --LDC

is it really Creutzfeldt? I thought it was spelt with a "K"

All of the references I checked spell the names as "Hans Gerhard Creutzfeldt" and "Alfons Maria Jakob". Both are German, and I agree that the initial-C looks odd for a German name, and "Creutz" is not a German word I'm familiar with. Maybe he has a different ancestry or something.

It is Creutzfeldt, from "Kreuz" meaning cross and "Feld" meaning field. As you noticed, the spelling is not correct in today's German, but that is not unusual in names, as they often date back some centuries. Also, "Maria" isn't a usual name for boys these days anymore (except Klaus-Maria Brandauer). --Magnus Manske