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Here is a summary of the different types of matches that professional wrestling has to offer:

One fall 
The standard wrestling match. All normal rules apply.
Tag team match 
A match in which two teams of wrestlers face each other. Only one wrestler from each team is allowed in the ring at a time. The other(s) wait on the apron outside the ropes. Interference from a team member will not end the match in a disqualification. That wrestler will be escorted back to his/her corner.
Cage match 
This match takes place inside a 15' steel cage with an open top. There are two types of cage matches. The traditional cage match is won by being the first wrestler to escape the cage and have both feet touch the floor. The other variation is basically a One fall match inside a cage.
Street fight 
This match cannot end in a disqualification. All other normal rules apply.
Hardcore match 
Same as a street fight, except that pin falls count anywhere.
Triple threat match 
This is a one fall match where three wrestlers fight instead of two. The winner of this match is the first wrestler to get a pin fall or submission. What happens in the case of a disqualification is not clear (I've never seen it happen).
Fatal four way 
Same as a triple threat match, but with four wrestlers instead of three.
Ladder match 
This is always a championship match. The championship belt hangs over the ring. Ths winner of this match is the wrestler who climbs the ladder and takes the belt.
Table match 
The winner of this match is the first man to drive his opponent through a table.