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A great webpage is Zirings Dictionary on Programming languages

These are the language links currently listed in programming language. They need to be refactored and regularized. In particular, those language names that are ambiguous should all either be "Lang programming language" or "Lang language". Somebody pick one and make them all consistent, please.

In the list below, I expected that one, sometines two, links in each line, one language per line, to work. The list should always show the current status of these links.

Personally, I think that "lang programming language" is more precise but "lang language" is just barely good enough. The only entries that presently use "lang language" are C (fixed now) and Ruby, so I am going to do what I can to make them work right and also what I can to make all the ambiguous ones work right with "lang programming language".

-- Buzco

Is it PL/1 or PL/I (ie: is it a one or an eye)

Digging around on IBM suggests that it is PL/I pronounced Pee Ell One (roman numeral for one). That is consistent with my Dragon Book which uses PL/I except in one place where it uses PL/1 but I think that might be a typo. It is called "PL/I" by the ANSI standard: ANSI X3.74-1987 (R1998) Title: Information Systems - Programming Language - PL/I General-Purpose Subset

(on Fortran:) The reason there is a redirect is because both spellings are used and we want obvious linking to work. The pages Fortran and FORTRAN should probably be swapped round, but it doesn't matter much.


--- This article seems to be written largely from the point of view of a programmer in mainstream languages. For example, interactive use is attributed to interpreters, without considering that eg. many Smalltalk and Lisp systems have native compilers that are used interactively. Sorry for not bothering to work this rant into a considered and balanced edit of the article.

-- han