Public Domain Resources

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There are many resources available on the net that are in the public domain, and therefore freely usable without restrictions for Wikipedia content. There are also many copyrighted resources whose licensing terms are liberal enough that they can generally be used as well. Below is a list of some of each; please add to this if you discover new resources.

True Public Domain Resources

These resources are completely free of copyright restrictions, and can therefore be used and modified at will for any Wikipedia page. Some (such as Project Gutenberg texts and the public domain dictionary) are in the public domain either because the author has renounced their copyright or because they are very old and their copyrights have expired. (Care should be taken to bring such texts up to date.)

Keep in mind Wikipedia is not a dictionary, though entries should begin with a good definition.

Other "Free" Resources

These resources are copyrighted and licensed under terms that allow free redistribution in some form. There may be requirements to credit the original authors, or restrictions on making modifications. Check the license posted on each site for such restrictions.

  • Read about adding Nupedia articles to Wikipedia.
  • The Anarchist FAQ: Under GNU Free Documentation License. Contains much information on anarchism, but be careful, because a lot of it is biased towards a particular viewpoint.
  • Free Online Dictionary of Computing was originally published under a license which required acknowledgements and was therefore not compatible with GFDL. Has recently been relicensed under GFDL and can be used by us. See Free On-line Dictionary of Computing/Status to help with importing articles.
  • Planet Math: A collaborately developed math encyclopedia, under GNU Free Documentation License.
  • Trinity Atomic Web Site
  • is a major repository of information, some of which is open content, and has a lot of links to open content resources. (If someone would like to search through the website to find and link to the stuff Wikipedia might potentially use, that would be great.)
  • Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia was last updated in 1997. Here is their license: "Copying and redistribution of Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia is freely permitted, as is the creation, copying, and distribution of derivative works. The Requests For Comments (RFCs) are covered by a separate copyright, included below." I think we should contact the editor before importing anything into Wikipedia.
  • The UK Public Records Office publishes documents that are Crown Copyright This allows "accurate" reproduction with an acknowledgement.
  • Pubmed Bookshelf: Well-known biomedical books (eg "Molecular Cell Biology" and "Modern Genetic Analysis") put on the internet by the US government as an associated resource with the Human Genome Project.