Public house

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A public house, usually known as a pub, are moderately famous drinking establishments found mainly in Britain, Ireland, Australia and various other countries. Theme pubs can be found all over the world as examples of what are perceived to be the archetypical pubs from the countries more famous for having them.

Pubs are social places of alcoholic refreshment to drink and are generally decorated as to resemble a living room and are culturally, socially and traditionally different from other places found elsewhere in the world such as cafes, bars and bierkellers.

Pubs are very specific to the culture that they come from and they can also vary a considerable amount from each other wihin a given country or culture.

The culture of pubs arose in the British Isles and as a result neither the British public house or the Irish public house can claim to be the orginal. Unless someone can dig up something authorative to this effect, of course.