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There are numerous ways you can help publicize Wikipedia, and thereby get more people to edit your work and make this into a real live encyclopedia. Just think--in a few years, Wikipedia is probably going to be amazing. (Feel free to add to this list.)

  1. If you've done a lot of work in some particular area, post an announcement to a mailing list or newsgroup telling people about your work and asking them to help.
  2. If there hasn't been a lot of work in a particular area, post an announcement telling people about Wikipedia and asking them to help!
  3. Tell friends and colleagues. E-mail an announcement to them. Ask them to check your work, or to write pages on their areas of specialization, or their hobbies, or whatever.
  4. Submit particular wiki pages (e.g., your "baby" pages) to search engines.
  5. Observe (in writing and smugly) on other wikis that Wikipedia is easily the fastest-growing wiki in the world.
  6. Link to Wikipedia from your websites.
  7. Ask other people to link to Wikipedia.
  8. Add a link to wikipedia to your e-mail signature

For further discussion, please see building Wikipedia membership.