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Radio Corporation of America (RCA) is one of the world's largest manufacturers of television and radio equipment. Owned by French-based Thomson Consumer Electronics, RCA produces TV, audio and satellite equipment.

RCA was formed in 1919 by parent company General Electric, as a result of US Government desire to retain control of radio patents and build a US radio industry. RCA subsumed the assets of American Marconi, and was responsible for marketing GE and Westinghouse's radio equipment. By 1926, RCA and its parent companies had grasped the market for commercial radio, and created the network that would become NBC.

In 1929, RCA purchased Victor Talking Machine Company, and the newly formed RCA-Victor went on to create new techniques for adding sound to film. In 1939, RCA demonstrated a viable television system at the New York World's fair. World War II slowed the deployment of television in the US, but RCA began selling television sets almost immediately after the war was over. In 1953, RCA's color-TV standard was adopted as the standard for American color TV. In 1986 RCA was sold to its creator, General Electric, which then sold it to European concern Thomson Consumer Electronics.