REBOL programming language

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REBOL stands for Relative Expresion Based Object Language. REBOL is designed by Carl Sassenrath, former primary developer of AmigaOS. The REBOL interpreter is available for a wide range of platforms and notably provides platform-independent graphics and sound access; it comes with its own windowing toolkit and widget set. The REBOL community is interlinked through a "REBOL desktop", a graphical representation of REBOL-related files stored on the Internet, which is installed together with the REBOL interpreter. The REBOL desktop itself is a REBOL application.

REBOL is designed to handle a wide range of applications, but specifically aims to make distribution of objects and use of network connections simple. It has very specific data types, including a currency type and a URL type.

The source code of the REBOL interpreter is closed, and the interpreter must be licensed for distribution of commercial applications. REBOL is currently available online at: