RFC 2026

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An RFC from the IETF,

This was supposed to be RFC 2026. For some reason, the cut and paste won't work.

This brings up the issue of how to Wikify these in general. Certainly "RFC" needs a page of its own to describe what they are, and have links to each. I think each RFC should also have a descriptive page with plain English text describing what the RFC is about, its history and use, its relationship to others, a /Talk page, etc. I also think that this is one case where a pointer to an external resource is better than cutting and pasting the whole thing: The IETF is specifically charged with the job of maintaining the archive of these, and so I think linking to the "official" version is fine. Finally, I don't think they should be subpages. They are always referred to in text as "RFC 1822", etc., so it's simple enough to just put those in brackets like that. --LDC

See full text of RFC 2026

Hey, I just noticed that Wiki automatically creates links to faqs.org. While this is nifty, I think it's a bad idea for two reasons: first, they aren't the official archives, IETF is. Second, Wikipedia should have its own pages for each of these, and the automatic thing should link to those. Of course, the present system is more useful until UseModWiki does in fact have internal pages to link to. I'll see if I can't come up with a simple way to add all of those.