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The pre- and early history of radio is the history of its technology. See also the History of Science and Technology. Later, the history is dominated by programming and contents, which is closer to general History.

Radio's prehistory (19th century)

Spark Gap Wireless Telegraphy (1896--1920)

  • Quickly becomes popular on ships after the Titanic.

Audio Broadcasting (1915--)

  • Invention of the triode amplifier, generator, and detector enables audio radio
  • Radio broadcasting is born
  • Commercial (United States) or governmental (Europe) station networks
  • Birth of the soap opera
  • Race towards shorter waves and FM
  • Frequency modulation (FM)


  • Nationwide networks
  • Satellite transmission

Internet Radio (1995--)

  • Early technology wars: Push or pull, streaming media or multicast
  • Run your own station with almost like Geocities or Hotmail