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Some people use the term hip hop to refer to most hip hop from 1979 (when the first hip hop record by the Fatback Band, King Tim III, came out) to ca.84, when new rappers like LL Cool J and Run DMC as well as the Beastie Boys were developing their new styles. Some see Run DMCs Sucker MCs as the first new school record, because it no longer relied on music recorded in the studio by live musicians. Others see old school rap as spawning a period from 1979 to ca. 1990. Stilistically, both rap from 1979-1985 and rap from 1979-1990 is very heterogeneous, covering different styles like the electronic rap à la electro funk that started in 1982, the earliest rap recorded by live musicians in the studio that did not contain synthetic beats and scratching Sugarhill Gang Treacherous Three.