Ray Van De Walker

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Ray Van De Walker wrote or improved articles about goodness, california, education reform, first aid, systems engineering, Classical Education, home schooling, Lutheran church, sling, assault rifle, m16, and worked on electronics

He has degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy from the University of California at Irvine.

He abandoned academia because it paid badly, and currently writes embedded real-time software, primarily for mechanism control in systems that require extremely high reliability, such as medical and avionic (aircraft) systems.

He also wrote the second revision of "The polyForth II Reference Manual," the first successful edition (it reduced hotline calls by 30%!) of the reference manual for Forth Inc.'s version of the FORTH language. This means he is a world authority on the FORTH language and porting techniques. Which makes him a large frog in a tiny puddle, indeed.

He has a number of unpublished science-fiction novels, which friends insist are worthy of print.

He has an unpublished book about philosophical Ethics, which is far more interesting, (to him, at least) but even less salable.

He also juggles badly, is an indifferent thespian, fixes cars, houses and motorcycles, designs houses, is married with children, runs a small corporation, and teaches sunday school, none of which pay at all.