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Cyril, Why delete Ray Van De Walker's page? As a contributor to Wikipedia there's no reason he shouldn't post biographical information on himself. Granted, the argument can always be made that it should be under the Wikipedians entry, but that rule does not concretely exist. If you want to ask for a deletion, I think you should indicate why.

Granted, I'm just a newbie talking about Wikipedia as the way I've come to see it. Anyway, look forward to hearing your views. --Colin dellow

I was just about to ask Cyril, who is also a newbie, the same thing.

Ray, welcome--if you want to restore your page, follow the "view other revisions" link and then "edit" the revision that contains the last intact copy; then save that revision. --LMS

I apologize for that. I went through the FAQ and Policy and I couldn't find anything clear about article deletion. Since this article appeared to me as both useless and self promoting, I thought Wikipedia would be better off without it. I suppose I was overzealous. Also, I must admit I didn't even know about the Wikipedians entry. I guess I'll have to look around a little more and get used to Wikipedia before doing anything else...