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Would it be reasonable to link to things like World Cup (Soccer) and SuperBowl winners here? What if they're embedded in a more general page (as in SuperBowl)? Move them to Subpages (sorry Larry) -- Gareth Owen

That hadn't occurred to me when I (Larry H, not Larry S) set up this page. I suppose in the back of my mind I was thinking of scientific/technical reference (those sort of timeless, dry things (heh)) rather than events and records. I would be inclined to add a section called, say, Other Tables, like this:

Other Tables
Sports Statistics (or Sports Records) -- Entertainment and Media Awards -- ...

each of which in turn linked to the appropriate multiple pages. But that's just my initial bias, and probably too much factoring. The community will decide what's best by experimentation. --loh (2001-06-20)

This is a great page and I like lists as much as anybody, but...I have a few cautions. --LMS