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I moved a number of external links that were in the article to a "links" section. Generally (there might be some exceptions), we're trying to write our own information here, not a web directory. So we should only very, very rarely, if ever, say "see [URL] for more information." Why not? Because we want to include that information ourselves, eventually.

On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with making an annotated list of external links.


I removed the Wiccan views of homosexuality from this page since this page only has links to the very general religions (Christianity, Islam, Neopaganism etc.). I think that the more specific sects' (like Wicca's) views on homosexuality fit better on the specific religions' "views of homosexuality" pages as opposed to this one. The "Jewish views on homosexuality" page does this nicely and I think using that as a model works well.