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  1. Religiosity is the level of religious activity. At very low levels are secularism. At very high levels are fundamentalism and/or violent crusades or religious wars.

This is not a definition I am familiar with, nor comfortable with. It is unclear what path is taken to the these 'high levels' from secularism. Nor is it clear why violence is a natural result of Religiosity.

I agree. 1) The Wikipedia is not a dictionary. 2) Unless we can have a definition that does not insult the 90% of the world population who consider themselves to be religious, we should not have a definition.

If you must talk about the crusades do so in the context of a longer article which explores the history of religious activism. Anyway, I changed the definition, but feel free to put the references to religious wars back if you can set it in the proper context -- Obviously religion gave the world Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King, as well as the crusades. --Mark Christensen

I agree entirely with Mark and the other person who responded. --LMS