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Apparently, Little guru was the author of the stuff that was previously on this page, the stuff that I deleted. It remains to be seen whether Little guru will come to understand the ways of wikipedia, but for now it is difficult to distinguish his or her writings from vandalism. I apologize for calling them that. Guru, this is an encyclopedia, not a compendium of unreadable rambling verbiage. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh to you. I'm not implying that you are incapable of writing in an encyclopedic manner. Perhaps you were simply unaware of our mission here. Jimbo Wales

This page now has the makings of a good entry. I created a new article on Jewish views of marriage, and linked from this one to the new entry. As for unreadable random verbiage, I'm all for that, as long as it is on their own private website. Its amazing to me that people don't understand what the concept of an "Encyclopaedia is. RK

RK, I love your page, as always your stuff is awesome. I think I like the idea of having this page as a page with links to pages for the religious views of various faiths. My original concept was that we'd put it all on one page, which is why I wrote the "sample" stuff about Christian views. I'm so far from an expert, though, that I think my stuff should go away as soon as someone writes a real page on Christian views. --Jimbo Wales