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A very welcome newcomer to the Wikipedia, who I hope will write quite a bit about the history of anarchism.  :-) --Jimbo Wales

I notice that on Traditional anarchism/Talk you disdain any attempt at neutrality with epithets like "emotionally unengaged" and "dishonest". Here's a question for you: if I am editing the article on your hero, Noam Chomsky, and I fail to mention the fact that he is an apologist for mass-murdering psychopath Pol Pot, am I being dishonest, or is it just possible that I have the capacity to recognize the intellectual achievements of someone I consider a despicable human being for what they are, while keeping my personal feelings to myself? --LDC

For the record, Chomsky was condemning US coverage of the affair, not condoning Pol Pot. In any case, trying to repick an ancient fight with someone who isn't here very often is probably bad form. --JG