Richard Bachman

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Pen name for the master of the horror genre - Stephen King. After publishing a few novels under his own name, Stephen King wanted to know if a few of his early works (written before Carrie) would sell without having his name on them. He came up with the pen name "Richard Bachman" and convinced his publisher to try them.


The first four of these were republished as The Bachman Books in 1985. Bachman slowly built up a readership despite being published in original paperbacks. Thinner was published in hardback and sold 28000 copies before it became known that the author was really Stephen King and sales went up tenfold.

The original editions of the early Bachman books are among the most sought after original paperbacks in existence, costing at least a couple of thousand dollars.

By the time of Bachman's death of "cancer of the pseudonym", King was working on Misery and planned to release it as a Bachman book.

In the mid-1990s, The Regulators came out, claiming to have been found among Bachman's leftover papers by his widow, but it is obvious from the book that it's really by Stephen King (there's a picture on the back flap of a young Stephen King).

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