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The Rickenbacker bass guitar was originally Patented by Adolf Rickenbacker, and was the first electric guitars made. With "horse shoe" magnet pick ups, they were rather crude at first. The 3000 and 4000 series were the first Rickenbacker Basses. They have been a major instrument in rock and roll with artists such as Chris Squire from Yes, Geddy Lee from Rush, Paul McCartney using them, to name a few. The Rickenbacker Basses have a distictive tones. The 3000 series were bolt on neck, while the 4000 bass has neck through construction for more solid sustain due to more rigidity. The 4000 was followed by the very popular 4001, the 4003, and recently the 4004 series. These Basses, along with the Fender basses, were a staple of the 70's and 80's genre.