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Does Ringo sing one song off each Beatles album, or at least one? Did he have two on The White Album? Abbey Road? Also, we really should add something about his solo career and his acting career; there is more to his life than The Beatles, though that is clearly what he's most known for. --KQ

This is more of an opinion than an encyclopedia-style entry, so I'm putting it here -- but Starr's main contribution was his laconic humor. The Beatles were as much about personality and charm as they were about music, and Starr was one-fourth of that. To simply focus on the songwriting does him a disservice, and misrepresents the band. Lots of English guys had musical and songwriting talent, but only four of them became the Beatles.

Favorite Ringo line: during a United States tour, he was asked, "How do you find America?" Starr replied, "Turn left at Greenland." - RjLesch

It was John Lennon who spoke that line in the movie "A Hard Day's Night", not Ringo Starr.

Are you sure? AHDN predate the big breakthrough in the US doesn't it. I certainly don't recall that line of dialogue. -- GWO

Yes, I'm positive. The movie actually doesn't predate their breakthrough in the US. They came to the US in February of 1964, and the movie was released later that year. It was Lennon who said that line in the movie.

You're right. Sorry. Horribly illegal script here: http://gayatri.nm.ru/harddn.htm

I recall it being from a genuine press conference though.