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A road is a strip of land connecting two or more destinations that has been prepared to ease travel. This includes, at the least, the removal of trees and smoothing of the ground. Lower grade roads are called trails and wheel tracks, and it is uncertain where "road" begins and trail ends. Roads are a prerequisit for road transport of goods on wheeled vehicles.

Many historical examples exist of road and road building. Some of the most famous are the Roman roads and the Incan courier roads. In ancient time, transport by river was far easier and faster than travel by road, especially considering the cost of road construction and the difference in carrying capacity between carts and river barges. During the industrial revolution, a development of the road was made: the railroad. Today, roads are almost exclusively built to enable travel by car and other wheeled vehicles, and in most countries road transport is the most utilized way to move objects.

Roads situated in cities are often, but not always, called streets or alleys.