Robert Freitas

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Robert A. Freitas Jr. is a research scientist at Zyvex Corporation. He holds degrees in physics, psychology, and law, and has written more than 100 technical papers, book chapters, or popular articles on a diverse set of scientific, engineering, and legal topics. He co-edited the 1980 NASA feasibility analysis of self-replicating space factories and later authored the first detailed technical design study of a medical nanorobot ever published in a refereed biomedical journal.

Most recently, Freitas authored Nanomedicine, the first book-length technical discussion of the potential medical applications of molecular nanotechnology and medical nanorobotics. Volume I was published in October 1999 by Landes Bioscience while Freitas was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing in Palo Alto, California.

He is currently working on completing Volumes II and III of Nanomedicine.