Robert Johnson

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Robert Johnson was an influential blues singer and guitarist.

Born: May 8, 1911, Hazelhurst, Mississippi
Died: August 16, 1938, Greenwood, Mississippi

Robert Johnson recorded only 29 songs on a total of 41 tracks in two recording sessions in San Antonio, Texas in November 1936 and Dallas, Texas in June 1937. Most of the songs were recorded twice. Notable among these tracks were "Sweet Home Chicago", "Crossroads Blues", "Terraplane Blues" and "Preaching the Blues", all frequently remade and imitated by other artists.

He died on August 16th, 1938 after falling ill three days earlier, allegedly as a result of drinking poisoned whiskey. It is claimed that his killer was the husband of a woman with whom Robert Johnson was having an affair. No arrest was ever made, and his death certificate simply says "No doctor" under cause of death.