Robert Morris

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Note, there is probably a huge number of people called Robert Morris, and several famous enough to have articles. Just within the field of computer security there is another Robert Morris who is fairly famous (and for mostly positive reasons).

Robert Morris signatory to the Articles of Confederation.

Robert Morris Mayor of New York, 1841-1844.

Robert Tappan Morris

A computer programmer who attained notoriety by writing and releasing the first computer worm to spread widely on the internet.

According to the jargon file:

[Usenet: abbreviation for `Read The Manual'] ...
2. Robert Tappan Morris, perpetrator of the great Internet worm of 1988 (see Great Worm); villain to many, naive hacker gone wrong to a few. Morris claimed that the worm that brought the Internet to its knees was a benign experiment that got out of control as the result of a coding error. After the storm of negative publicity that followed this blunder, Morris's username on ITS was hacked from RTM to RTFM.

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