Rock Bridge High School

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A high school in Columbia, Missouri noted for the freedom of the students, though this has decreased in recent years, especially for the sophmores. Houses grades 10 - 12; grade 9 is in the junior high schools despite the fact they are gaining high school credit. Part of Columbia Public Schools. Opened in 1973 with 583 students; during the 1999-2000 it had an enrollment of 1077. That was the year a large new wing opened; it will not reach its full capacity until 2002-2003 when the new boundary lines affect every grade.

Rock Bridge is on a block schedule, there are 4 alternating classes each day.

Most students have one Alternating Unassigned Time, refered to as AUT. Seniors often have more then one. During AUT, students are allowed to go the library, computer labs, seek help from teachers, or (with parental premission) leave campus.

Have a bruin for their mascot.

Their website: