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Some might question the discussion of racial politics here, but I think it's an important part of the story of rock's popularity in the 1950s, so I would argue for its retention. Also, it was noted that there was some resisatance to listing a lot of bands; I don't know that I agree with that restriction. I suppose one option would be to follow the precedent given in The novel and Novelists. Also, in large part, the medium is defined by who was playing it (and when). This is the logic behind some of my edits today. RjLesch

My view is that in listing too many bands one loses the focus of the article and doesn't give the opportunity for the truly outstanding (in terms of popular and/or critical acclaim, or influence on future work) to be recognised. Perhaps we need some list articles for rock/pop groups. --Robert Merkel

Point taken. See Rock and roll performers. -- RjLesch.