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I always thought Julius Ceasar was the first emperor?

Shouldn't the simple list of emperors be in a separate page like United Kingdom/Monarchs although we don't like subpages so maybe as a top level page like Roman Emperors.

Julius Caesar was dictator for life. I was adding the emperor list as stubs, not as a permanent list; but if there's already an accepted practice, go ahead and make a page for it - sounds sensible to me. MichaelTinkler

Sources I have checked say that Julius received the imperium in 46 BC but also that Augustus didn't call himself emperor either. I certainly have no idea on this myself.

Typically we call everyone up to Nero "The Principate" because the clearest TITLE the emperors used was "Princeps" or "First Citizen." Julius Caesar can be included or not, but Augustus is more usually treated as the first emperor by historians for administrative reasons - J.Caesar never got the kind of grip on the administration of the provinces that Augustus did. MichaelTinkler

thanks for the 'Roman Emperors' list, rmherman - I don't have it on this harddrive anywhere and didn't want to retype it! MichaelTinkler

Given the common impression of Julius Caesar as emperor, he should at least be mentioned -to refute or affirm in the article and something about the "princeps" probably also?. -rmhermen

Yep. I wasn't going to bother with the early part of the article (principate not being really my thing), but might as well.

Minor problem with the emperor list: the last emperor was Romulus Augustulus, not Romulus Augustus. Unfortunately the heading on the page for our man spells it the wrong way or else I'd just correct it. I was all ready to castigate some idiot until I realized I was the one who started the page with the typo :-) Sorry about that chief. Is there a way to fix it, or do I need an admin? -- PaulDrye

Well, don't feel guilty about it. We all call him Augustulus (including the copy of Boak & Sinnigen's A History of Rome I have here in the office), but that was always just a nickname. (-ulus in Latin meaning more or less wittle in the baby-talk kind of way in English)

Oh, and I don't know about the page name. -- MichaelTinkler

My vote on Julius Caesar's position is to make sure he stays Dictator -- but then explain what a Roman dictator was -- this clears up two misconceptions at once. Michael, can we add that most of the anti-Livia stuff (although it could be true, and makes for interesting reading) is Suetonius? -- J Hofmann Kemp

This article could benefit a general introduction to the topic - it dives right in a bit fast for a lay reader. A simple paragraph at the beginning perhaps giving an overview of the romans (great article though!) - MB