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There is a historiographical problem with this name. The kings may not exactly belong in a Republic, but no one (at all) refers to a Roman Kingdom. Maybe the entry should be called 'Foundation of Rome' or 'Kings of Rome,' or 'City of Rome, early history'. I don't mind them being in a separate entry, but if we are trying to make this searchable, no one will ever search for this here! ---MichaelTinkler

I have never read about this topic in English, so I didn't know. What do you recommend? IIRC it's sometimes called (translated) 'Roman Kings' in German. --Yooden

I'm really at a loss. In English it's usually just an early chapter called something like 'The Kings of Rome' in histories of the Republic.

It will eventually be found through the link on Roman Republic, so it can keep the name until someone comes along with a better name. --Yooden

yep. --MichaelTinkler

I think Roman Kingdom is probably reasonable. You might not have heard of it (at least by name) since it is very early in the history of Rome at an almost legendary time. Rome is much better known (at least popularly) towards the end of the republican era and during the empire.