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RoseParks is the email name of an active participant in Nupedia and Wikipedia. You may be looking for RosaParks, the civil rights advocate.  :-)

Am I fooling anyone?

Well at least you could *spell* it right, if you mean the woman.---- I am not RosaParks...RoseParks is my e-mail name. I am a Nupedia member. I

1) Authored the Prounciation Guides- AME and BRE

2) Copy edited a number of articles

3) Researched and drafted our Accessibility statement

4) Am a moderator for Nupedia-L

and so much more. Surely you know who I am....

I am not surely, or even Shirley, so I have no clue who you really are :-(

Perhaps, JimmyWales, can help you there. :-).----

R P Sandbox

/Disability Etiquette
/Bill of Rights for the Disabled


On this Etiquette page, I'm looking for examples from around the net of similar lists. As you indicated in a comment, these rules of etiquette aren't really controversial, they are all over the place 'upteenth' times, in slightly different forms.

I think people might still be unhappy with the "Alternative Approaches" section, so maybe there's a way to tone it down? I tried to NOT tone it down, but to frame it with an explanation of why it has the tone it does -- to provoke thought. I don't know if that's the right thing to do, though.