Russian Tsar Nicholas II

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Tsar Nicholas II (May 6, 1868 -- July 16,1918) was the last Tsar of Russia and of the Romanov Dynasty. He ruled from 1894 and abdicated Mar 3, 1917. He and his family was murdered in 1918. He was in power for 23 years.

His mother was Marie Fyodorovna Romanova, nee Dagmar, Princess of Denmark. His father was Alexander Romanov.

In 1894 Nicholas II married Alexandra. They had four daughters and a haemophiliac son, christened Alexis.

The death of the entire family was something of a mystery until recently, when genetic testing finally proved that bodies alleged to be his and his family's actually were theirs. It is now known with certainty that Nicholas and the Romanov family were shot to death in Yekaterinburg, Siberia on the night of July 16 (or possibly early on July 17), 1918.