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The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) sold a Unix variant running on Intel processor-based PCs called SCO UNIX. The SCO Server Software Division and Services Divisions as well as UnixWare and OpenServer technologies were acquired by Caldera Systems, Inc. to form Caldera International in May 2001, agreed in August 2000 (Caldera, SCO at Caldera). The remaining part of SCO, the Tarantella Division, changed its name to Tarantella, Inc (Tarantella).

SCO was founded in 1979 by Doug and Larry Michels as a UNIX porting and consulting company. In 1983 they shipped their first packaged UNIX System for Intel processor-based PCs, the XENIX System V. SCO became the dominant supplier of UNIX on Intel. The company went public in 1993 on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. In 1995 it acquired the ATT UNIX source from Novell and the UnixWare operating system.