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Video game software and hardware developer.

Sega, (name formed from their original name, SErvice GAmes), is one of the best known and loved video game brands in the world, they are big in both arcades and the home console market.

The company is actually made up of various research and development teams, originally named /AM1, /AM2 etc. they now have more memorable monikers.

/AM1 became /Wow Entertainment -
/AM2 - kept its name, so well known amongst gamers for the Virtua Fighter series of arcade games
/AM3 became /Hitmaker -
/AM4 became /Amusement Vision -
/AM5 became /Sega Rosso
/AM6 became /Smilebit -
/AM7 became /OverWorks -
/Sonic Team - renamed themselves from /AM8 many years ago, funnily enough, soon after the completed Sonic the Hedgehog
/AM9 became /United Game Artists -
/Digital Media became Wave Master -

There is a healthy sense of competition between the various teams which has resulted in some of the most remarkable and innovative gaming events.

Unfortunately Sega has fallen on hard times recently and is moving out of hardware manufacturing, at least in the home, the arcade /Naomi units are still being produced. Fortunately the company has knowledge acquired over several decades and hundreds of talented developers to realise its video gaming dreams.