SI derived unit

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SI derived units are units derived from the seven SI base units.

Physical quantityName of SI unitSymbol for SI unitExpression in terms of SI base units
Special names and Symbols
pressure, stresspascalPaN.m-2 =
energy, work, heatjouleJN.m =
power, radiant fluxwattWJ.s-1 =
electric chargecoulombCA.s 
electric potential, electromotive forcevoltVJ.C-1 =
electric resistanceohmΩV.A-1 =
electric conductancesiemensSA.V-1 =
electric capacitancefaradFC.V-1 =
magnetic flux densityteslaTV.s.m-2 = kg.s-2.A-1
magnetic fluxweberWbV.s =
inductancehenryHV.A-1.s =
temperaturedegree CelsiusoCK 
plane angleradianrad1= m.m-1
solid anglesteradiansr1= m2.m-2
activity (radioactive)becquerelBqs-1 
absorbed dose (of radiation) m2.s-2
dose equivalent (dose equivalent index) m2.s-2
catalytic activitykatalkatmol.s-1 
Other Quantities
area  m2 
volume  m3 
speed, velocity  m.s-1 
angular velocity  s-1, rad.s-1 
acceleration  m.s-2 
moment of force  N.m =
wavenumber  m-1 
density, mass density  kg.m-3 
specific volume 
amount (-of-substance) concentration  mol.m-3 
molar volume  m3.mol-1 
heat capacity, entropy  J.K-1 =
molar heat capacity, molar entropy  J.K-1.mol-1 =
specific heat capacity, specific entropy = m2.s-2.K-1
molar energy  J.mol-1 =
specific energy = m2.s-2
energy density  J.m-3 =
surface tension  N.m-1=J.m-2 = kg.s-2
heat flux density, irradiance  W.m-2 = kg.s-3
thermal conductivity  W.m-1.K-1 =
kinematic viscosity, diffusion coefficient  m2.s-1 
dynamic viscosity  N.s.m-2 = Pa.s =
electric charge density  C.m-3 m-3.s.A
electric current density  A.m-2 
conductivity  S.m-1 =
molar conductivity  S.m2.mol-1 = kg-1.mol-1.s3.A2
permittivity  F.m-1 =;
permeability  H.m-1 =
electric field strength  V.m-1 =
magnetic field strength  A.m-1 
luminance  cd.m-2 
exposure (X and gamme rays) = kg-1.s.A
absorbed dose rate  Gy.s-1 = m2.s-3

(According to ISBN:0632035838, page 72)