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However, most people are not fans of 1980s rap,

" wrong

"and 1980s rap is at best peripheral to the topic of "Superman". " right, i give up. it was a joke.

and as for 'opinion', well, everything in an encyclopedia has some kind of bias or another, particularly history.

You are correct that everything is going to have some kind of bias, but we have to work as hard as we can to minimise it. And if what you are writing is your personal opinion, you should clearly label it as such. -- Simon J Kissane
OK. -ss

the following sentence was cut from the Ani di Franco page - they are not completely invalid, but I don't know the topic well enough to rewrite them from the NPOV, so I put them here.

"Very popular in feminist hangouts like Ms. Magazine, Lillith Fair, various left wing and/or progressive websites, etc."

  • Why not just say that she is a progressive feminist (which she would gladly identify herself as... or maybe clock me on the head for not calling her "radical" rather than "progressive") popular in left-wing publications? --KQ
ok, edit it and change it for the better. Goddamn i love

wikipedia! - ss

I think your stuff is brilliant. If you keep the funny shit on Wikipedia commentary or on your personal page (or perhaps create a Shittipedia subsection--though that might be going too far), that'll probably keep everyone happy. Wikipedia hasn't entered the trolling arms race--I hope it won't have to. It's an interesting experiment in anarchism. Note how people try to avoid deleting inappropriately placed but humorous stuff--they just move it out of the "serious and neutral" (ha!) pages. -- TheCunctator

--- nice nick, cunctator. my shit is not brilliant, its insomniac ranting. and if i didnt put it on the goddamn pages where it annoys people the most, it wouldnt be funny. i cant just 'put it here', although i dont mind if it gets moved here, or deleted.

i dont know, pissing people off is not exactly all that its cracked up to be. Wikipedia is funny because you can instantly get 5 people who actually care about what they are doing telling you basically "dont walk on my plants please".

Damn, Sammy! You're getting some nice writing done in the South Africa section! :-) --Anders T?rlind

Actually, it was me that removed most of the content on murder, on the basis that it was satirical material, which doesn't belong in an encyclopedia article. I left the opening definition, which Paul removed because Wikipedia is not a dictionary. -- STG

-- curses, foiled again --ss

You know, you might have more fun if you wrote all your material in enyclopedia format. ;-) -- STG

Sammy, please--no more pages like crap. With that kind of attitude, perhaps you'd feel more at home working on Everything2? --LMS