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not sure what this means or how to integrate it: "Nowadays medical treatment is the mainstay of antipsychotic treament. Although drugs that are in use are better tolarated sometimes patients show signs of extrapyramidal side-effects." --KQ

Well I found a description of various EPSE but wasn't sure whether to paraphrase the material or link to it, so I linked to it.

Another article or a subpage with info for more scientifically minded ?

I don't understand your question. Sorry. Is that a request for one or the other? Do you think the article is too general? Personally I have to admit I like it how it is, so that the average reader can understand it, but I see nothing at all wrong with adding more information. If you'd like to add more, by all means go ahead; I've just reached the limit of what I can do without having to research. I don't think it should be replaced entirely though. --KQ

Very nice entry. Thanks!

Added Julian Jaynes because I think people reading The Origin of Consciousness will be looking for more info on schizophrenia.

I think your qualification is quite mild. Indeed, historians of early periods do more than not support it - they scoff at his use of sources. His psychology may or may not be useful, but his understanding of early civilization is not, particularly. I think there's room for him in the entry, but only with a stronger sentence of qualification. --MichaelTinkler

I was shooting for very NPOV there. If you think Jaynes info should be different, please edit at will! Thanks.

Added mention of types of schizophrenia in West and sluggishly progressing schizophrenia in the Soviet Union.

Daniel C. Boyer

Added some clarfication on antipsychiatry.

Daniel C. Boyer