Scotland Yard

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1. Headquaters of the Metropolitan Police Service, responsible for policing Greater London (although not the City of London itself). Scotland Yard is sited in Westminster about 200 yards away from the Houses of Parliament. Despite its name it is definitely not in Scotland, nor responsible for the policing of any part of Scotland.

The name originated from the location where it was originally located, which was called Scotland Yard. The exact origins of this name are unknown, though two popular explanations are that it formerly contained the residence of the Scottish kings (when staying in England) or their ambassadors, prior to the union of England and Scotland, or that it derives from land owned in the Middle Ages by a man called Scott. The premises later moved twice, once in 1890 and then again to the current premises in 1967; both new premises were called 'New Scotland Yard'. (Source: [1]).

2. A Californian pop music group