Seawolf class submarine

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The Seawolf-class attack submarines (SSN) are quieter than the previous Los Angeles class, faster, have more torpedo tubes, and carry more weapons. They use the more advanced AN/BSY-2 combat system, which includes a new larger spherical sonar array, a wide aperture array (WAA), and a new towed-array sonar. Originally intended as a fleet of 29 submarines to be built over a ten-year period, the end of the Cold War and budget constraints dropped that number to three and led to the design of the Virginia class submarine.

General Characteristics

  • Builders: Electric Boat
  • Displacement: 9,150 tons submerged
  • Length: 350 feet
  • Beam: 40 feet
  • Draft: 35 feet
  • Speed: 25+ knots submerged
  • Depth: Greater than 800 feet
  • Complement: 133
  • Armament: eight 30-inch torpedo tubes, 50 torpedoes and missiles, or 100 mines