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Hi there, I'm an inquisitive, happy person. Nowadays I'm mostly interested in the keyword problem, i.e. what to do when you're looking for something but don't know exactly what it is called. A word search engine won't help you. It is a problem I have been encountering constantly for the last few years.

See my Metawikipedia page (not much there yet).

Some articles I have started or contributed to:

Articles I have contributed to and that have been deleted (look at the revisions to get a feeling of what is deemed to be over the edge in this community):

Hello Seb. Welcome to our happy little project. Have fun. -- WojPob

Thanks! But I'm afraid it won't remain little for too long...

Welcome, Seb! I do find your WikiProject Concepts interesting, but I have some questions; see WikiProject Concepts/Discussion. --Larry Sanger