Sega 32X

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The Sega 32X was a console that was released in late November 1994 in the U.S. Sega realized that it might be a while before their next-gen console, the Sega Saturn, was to be released so they decided (poorly) that a bridge, so to speak, was needed between the Genesis and Saturn; thus, the Sega 32X is born. Well, what ended up happening was that eveyone realized that Sega's true next-gen console was the Saturn and abandoned the 32X despite the fact that Sega promised to support. Prices dropped rapidly and before you knew it, the stores were full of unwanted Sega 32X junk where the console was selling for $19.95 new! Only then did the Sega executive realize their terribly blunder. The situation got so bad that the 32X was actually made a mockery of on Saturday Night Live. The Segs 32x fiasco is now considered one of the most badly planned console releases ever.

The last game made for the 32X was Spiderman: Web of Fire (1995).

The Sega 32X can only be used in conjunction with a Sega Genesis system; it is plugged in where the cartridge bay is.

Processor: Twin Hitachi (SH2) 32 bit RISC processorsclock speed of 23 MHZ 40 MIPS

Co-processors: Genesis 68000, Z80, Genesis 32X VDP; Video processor 50,000 texture mapped polygons/sec texture mapping hardware scaling and rotation.

Video: 32,768 simultaneous colours on screen; Genesis resolution overlaying over existing Genesis/SegaCD video

Memory: 512k (4 MBit) additional RAM to Genesis/SegaCD memory

Audio: Stereo PCM chipaudio mixing with Genesis sound; additional 2 channels (therefore 14 all together?)

I/O: Same as Genesis; 32X upgradable; can upgrade the 32X

Storage: CD-ROM if you have a SegaCD; speed same as SegaCD compatible with audio CD, CD&G, SegaCD and JVC X'eye

Cartridge: compatible with Genesis model 1 & 2, JVC X'eye can store save game/score information.