Sega Genesis

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The Sega Genesis was a 16-bit console released by Sega 1988 (Japan). The American release was 1989; the european release was 1990. It first sold for around $200 at launch and was to become Sega's most sucessful console. By the early 90's, it WAS the premier console. Two adaptions (considered by experts to be seperate consoles) were designed to enhance the system: The Sega 32X and the Sega CD.

CPU: Motorola M68000 16 bit processor running at 7.67Mhz
Sound CPU: Z80a running at 3.58 MHz
Main sound Chip: Yamaha YM2612 6 channel FM
Additional sound chip: 4 channel PSG
Palette: 512 Colors
Onscreen colors: 64
Maximum onscreen sprites: 80
Resolution: 320 x 224
Expansion port on the bottom right hand side for Sega CD
2 nine pin controller ports in the front of the machine.