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The Sega Master System (SMS) was Sega's counter against the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES); both were 8-bit, but the SMS was technically superior. It wasn't largely accepted because 1.) It had a weak game base. 2.) It came out at a time when everyone was enthralled with the NES and didn't need another console. 3.) When the rights form the SMS were sold to Tonka Inc. In 1987, they, for lack of a better word, screwed it up. One noteworthy thing about this console was the conpatability between the U.S and European versions of the console; you could play European games on your U.S console and vice versa (for the most part).

Bits (CPU): 8
Bits (Graphics): 8
CPU: Z80
MHz: 3.6
Audio: mono
ROM: 1024K Bits
RAM: 64K Bits
Video RAM: 128K Bits
Colors: 64
Resolution: 256x192 Dots
Screen Scroll: Horizontally, Diagonally, Vertically, Partial
Audio: 3 Sound Generators, Each Four Octaves, 1 White Noise
Characters: 8x8 Pixels, Max 488
Sprites: 8x8 Pixels, Max 256