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See also Missing Persons, Foreign casualties, and Survivors.


Planes - World Trade Center - Pentagon
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265 people killed on four planes; 232 passengers, 25 flight attendants, 8 pilots. (Note that this total includes the 19 hijackers, who reportedly boarded the planes as passengers.)

The listing and memorial.

World Trade Center

Fatalities in thousands. By the 21st of November 673 people had been confirmed dead.

The listing and memorial.

Missing Persons

All missing persons are presumed dead. As of November 21, the official number of missing was 3,275 (CNN) (See Timeline of WTC missing).

Detailed listing.


The great majority of the over 40,000 people working at the World Trade Center at the time of the attack evacuated safely. By 9/20/2001 6291 people, including rescue and recovery workers, had been treated for injuries.

Detailed listing.


The Pentagon reports 125 staffers killed or missing, with 118 remains recovered and identified, as of October 22, 2001. One person died as a result of wounds incurred.

The listing and memorial.

Missing Persons

The Pentagon reports 6 staffers missing.

Detailed listing.


88 treated at hospital.

Detailed entry.

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Not fully incorporated

NY Times--THE FUNERALS: For the Fire Department, the First Three Farewells
NY Post--City Loses Hundreds of Bravest, Finest
NY Times--Firefighters Dash Into Towers; Many Do Not Return
New York Times--THE FIREFIGHTERS: Department's Cruel Toll: 350 Comrades
New York Times--THE MISSING: Hospital Treks, Fliers and the Cry: Have You Seen . . . ?
Washington Post: The Human Toll Online memorial with some blurbs
The Star Ledger: Lives Remembered

Fully incorporated

Salon--Partial list of attack victims CNN (AP) partial list of those killed
FOXNews partial list of victims
MSNBC - Searching and mourning after attacks - Some numbers of missing
AP--190 Feared Dead at the Pentagon
Defense Dept.--Casualty Update
NYC Office of Medical Examiner (NY Times)--List of confirmed dead, 9/16/2001