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hello i think it is awful what happened september 11. evn though it has been almost 4 weeks it still really bothers me.i feel that the us could have done more to prevent this from happening.y didnt they do this?how did the hijackers get through at the airport?how do we know this might not happen again? this are questions that i often ask myself. i feel sry for all the kids who lost parents who while watching the tv that day at school knowing that their parent(s) worked hard it must have been that night not knowing if ur loved one was ok or not.the only thing to do was wait to see if they come home or not. what were the pplz thinkin when they did this?y would they take there their life not to mention thousands of others.i dont know how everyone else feels about this but it bothers me that there was ppl still in there a live after a few days but they made no effort to get them out maybe they tried i dont know but th

I have heard reports that one of the hijackers was 41 and left a family with children behind. I can't locate those reports anywhere on the web, and I don't know the guy's name. Does anybody have details? --AxelBoldt

I recommend checking /New York Times stories; it's probably somewhere in there. --TheCunctator