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SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Casualties - Missing Persons - Survivors - Personal experiences

In Memoriam

Within these pages are the stories of the victims and survivors of the events of September 11, 2001. There are links to all of the casualties and missing persons, as up-to-date and complete as possible, where you can add to their entries. All together, these pages may serve as a memorial to those lost. Wikipedia is a site to which anyone can contribute. Your help is welcome and needed.

Give Blood - Donations - Assistance - Rescue and Recovery Effort

There are many other ways that people across the world have been helping the victims. Learn more about what people have done and what you can do to help. If you know of a way to provide assistance that is not yet listed, please add it to these pages.

Closings and Cancellations - Memorials and Services

The memory of the tragedy of September 11 is being honored everywhere, in uncountable ways. Learn about those stories, or tell new ones.

On the Planes

World Trade Center

Pentagon [1]

Please help preserve their memory

There are many ways you can help, with just a few minutes of your time.

Of greatest import is creating full pages for every victim.

  • If you know a victim or missing person, please build or add to their entry.
  • Or look for news stories about the victims and create an initial entry in their memory here.

If you want to create an entry, you can copy this template to start.

Any thoughts, memories, or tributes to the individuals lost in this tragedy are welcome and encouraged.

We wish to dedicate and donate free of charge, a Virtual Memorial and Monument to all the families and friends of those who have tragically lost a loved one on 09/11/2001. Please visit - ""

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack - Full Timeline
In Memoriam - Casualties - Missing Persons - Survivors - Personal experiences
Give Blood - Donations - Assistance - Closings and Cancellations - Memorials and Services
US Governmental Response - Responsibility - Hijackers - World political effects - World economic effects

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