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I added a link to the article on causes of sexual orientation, which raises the question of whether these two articles are too similar and perhaps should be merged into a single article.

This article is clear and uncontroversial. The "causes of" article is incomplete. Ed Poor

Hmmm, I had not heard of "affectional orientation" before just now reading it here, but I did a search in Google, and there it is. I have to say, though, that I find that term much more obfuscating than "sexual orientation". For one thing, people feel affection all the time for their parents, children, pets, friends--none of which have anything to do with sexuality, and it has nothing to do with "affectional orientation" as described here. (A cat-loving pet owner's affectional orientation would be towards cats, while a dog-loving pet owner's affectional orientatin would be towards dogs. But of course, that's not what they mean.) Anyway, it seems to me that "romance" is a component of sexuality, not vice versa. But that's just my opinion.

I agree. I'm just reporting that it exists. --Dmerrill