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To carry large cargos across the sealanes of the world's oceans large vessels of steel powered by Large Diesel engines or Steam Turbine plants. To protect these valuable cargos many nations have built specialized Naval ships to ensure the free movement of legitimate cargos. The Merchant navies of the world carry the bulk of trade and are thus essential to the world economy. The ships themselves are also extremely expensive constructions themselves, representing the largest manmade vehicles ever. Space vessels of the future may be larger, but that is to be seen...

  • Container ships / Box boats
  • Tankers
    • Crude Oil
    • Product
  • General cargo ships
  • Cable layers
  • Offshore supply vessels
  • DP(Dynamically Positioned) ships
  • Ferries / RO-RO (RollOn-RollOff)
  • Gas carriers
  • Car carriers
  • Tugs
  • Dredgers