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Sigismund was born in 1386 in Nuremberg. In 1410 he became emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

His father was Charles IV,and his mother was Elisabeth of Stolp, ducess of Pomerania. They were from the imperial Luxemburg dynasty.

Sigismund acceeded to the throne in 1387 and died in 1437. He became duke of Luxemburg in 1419. He also became king of Hungary and king of Bohemia in 1419.

He was margrave of Brandenburg.

Sigismund had made an agreement with Louis I the Great of Hungary to marry either one of the two daughters, Mary of Hungary or Hedwig Jadwiga, queen of Poland.

Sigismund married Mary and they had a daughter named Elisabeth. Their decendend was Elisabeth, the "mother of the Jagiello's", wife of Casimir IV and mother of Sigismund I.