Sigismund III Vasa

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Sigismund III Vasa (1566-1632) King of Poland (1587-1632) and of Sweden (1592-99). Sigismund Vasa is Swedish, while the Polish name is Zygmunt Waza. He was born in Sweden and died in Polan.

His was the elder son of King John III of Sweden and Catharine Jagiello. Catharine's parents were Sigismund I Jagiello and his wife Bona Sforza.

The Jagiello royal House of Lithuania held the crown of Poland since the first ruler Wladislaw Jagiello received it via his wife Hedwig in 1383.

He was elected king of Poland in 1587.

In 1592 Sigismund III married the Austrian archduchess Anna. They had a son, who later ruled as Wladislaw IV Sigismund. In the same year his father died and he was offered the Swedish throne; he was crowned in 1594.

His first wife Anna died in 1598, and he married her sister Constantia in 1605. Among their several sons were:

   John Casimir   1609 - 1672
   Johan Albert    1612 - 1634
   Karl Ferdinand  1613 - 1655
   Alexander Karl  1614 - 1635